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Dr. Sex has revealed 20 secrets to “keep your vagina moist”, so that you can develop a “wet-prone constitution” and enjoy sex!

It’s healthy to have a naturally wet vagina during sex, but modern girls are often bothered by being too dry. So, Dr. Sex UK offers the following 20 moisturizing tips that will definitely help you have a better sex time!

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“Keeping the Vagina Moist” Method 1: Reduce Stress

“Wetness” is often touted as a sign of high sexual desire, but Dr. Sex says “wetness is not necessarily a sign of sexual desire.” Of course, being dry doesn’t mean low libido.

“This is because our body’s biological response to sexual desire does not always align with our lifestyle habits.” The more stressed you are, the less likely you will get wet. So don’t worry about what to do if you’re not wet enough. Enjoy the atmosphere of the moment, the body will naturally produce lubrication!

“Keep the vagina moist” method 2: Apply lubricant

While natural lubrication isn’t necessarily related to libido, hydration is important during sex. Not only does lube make sex more comfortable, it also makes sex safer. “Sexual intercourse can cause too much friction, which can cause the skin to tear, break, and be more susceptible to infection.”

If “safety” and “increased comfort” aren’t enough to get you lube, a sexologist says it can actually help increase natural lubrication. “Some people find that using lube helps them relax and produce their own body lubrication because it reduces the stress of getting wet.”

Also, don’t have “use lube” which is a shame. “Using lube is about making sure your sex life is perfect, comfortable and safe.”

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“Keep your vagina moist” method 3: Give yourself some time to prepare

In humans, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to increase libido in order to increase blood flow to the genitals. Therefore, adequate natural lubrication also requires 30 minutes of preparation. But most people don’t spend half an hour prepping their vagina. According to sex experts, “Surveys show that couples in the United States spend between 5.4 and 19 minutes having sex.”

“Keep the vagina moist” method 4: The romantic atmosphere is very important

Dr. Sex emphasizes the importance of maintaining positive sexual excitement, not just having sex for the sole purpose of having sex. That’s because arousal not only increases lubrication, but it also relaxes the pelvic muscles. “The vagina actually changes shape and flattens to accommodate penetration,” Dr. Sex said.

So while lube will make the whole process more comfortable and smooth, the mental urge will loosen your pelvis and make sex better.

 “Keeping the Vagina Moisturized”Method 5 : Exposure to More Erotic Products

Sexual, erotic movies or sultry music are all aids in arousal, Dr. Sex suggests. Any activity that increases libido can help increase natural lubrication. Therefore, women are encouraged to find what triggers their libido and incorporate it into their sexuality.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, watching legitimate porn is completely normal. If you’re worried about your partner’s scruples, communication is the best way to go.

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“Keep the vagina moist” method 6: Use sex toys

Sex toys may not give you more natural lubrication, but they’re a great tool for bringing your relationship closer. Dr. Sex recommends starting with a non-penetrating sex toy. Not only is it safe, but it can also open the door to sex for both parties!

“Keep the vagina moist” method 7: Find an appropriate position

Some poses not only feel intense, but can produce more lubrication. First, by having sex in a way that makes you comfortable, you will feel more confident, relaxed, and comfortable, which will naturally help your body to be awakened. Also, a few different positions can actually increase lubrication because they touch the clitoris.

“Keep the vagina moist” method 8: add more water

Dehydration and lack of moisture can lead to vaginal dryness. Since our cells are primarily composed of water, insufficient water intake can have countless adverse effects on the body, among them vaginal dryness.

However, this problem is also easy to solve. Dr. Sex says if you make an effort to stay hydrated, you should see improvement in as little as three days.


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“Keep the vagina moist” method 9: eat more fruits and vegetables

Add more fresh produce to your diet. Fruits with high water content, such as strawberries, will help you add more natural lubrication!

How to keep your vagina moist 10: Seek help from your doctor

If you have unusual dryness on other parts of your body besides your vagina, such as your eyes and mouth, you should talk to your doctor. Because these could be Sjogren’s syndrome. If you’ve been struggling with vaginal dryness, it’s wise to get an evaluation from your doctor.

“Keep the vagina moist” method 11: Drug side effects

Allergies, cold medicines containing antihistamines, and even some asthma medications can cause vaginal dryness. Try more natural remedies or discuss other options with your doctor.

“Keep your vagina moist” method 12: Check your antidepressants

Some antidepressants not only interfere with libido, but also affect vaginal lubrication. Talk to your doctor about switching to a different medication until you find the one that works best for your mental health and sex life.

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“Keep the vagina moist” method 13: Quit smoking

Aging, smoking, and other factors that can cause clogged arteries can block the small arteries in the vaginal area and reduce the secretion of water. The main reason we have natural lubrication is that when the blood vessels in the vaginal area are congested, the higher blood pressure in the blood vessels causes serum to leak through the blood vessels and the mucous membranes of the vagina produce more water.

“Keep your vagina moist” method 14: Avoid hormonal imbalances

One of the most common causes of vaginal dryness is a drop in estrogen levels during menopause, after childbirth, or during breastfeeding. But cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can also lead to lower estrogen levels and reduced vaginal lubrication. If you’re experiencing any of the above, or just want to know the cause of your hormonal imbalance, consulting your doctor is the best way to go.

“Keep Your Vagina Wet” Method 15: Enjoy the Pleasure of the Present

If you’re just having sex for the sake of it, and not enjoying it at all, that could also be a factor. If you are disconnected from your body and the atmosphere of the moment, your body will not be fully awakened. This arousal is what “gets wet”. It is recommended to do breathing exercises to become one with your body. As long as the coordination with your body is higher, the more relaxed you can enjoy sex.

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“Keep the vagina moist” method 16: Let go of the baggage

If you’re shy or embarrassed about having sex, it’s harder for your body to get wet. Regardless of how you feel about sex as a child or as an adult, it’s important to overcome these issues. If your brain tells you “sex is wrong,” the body’s response will change.

It’s important to explore your negative or guilt feelings about sex and work on turning your irrational thoughts into rational ones. When your thoughts about sex are healthy and accepting of it, your body responds positively.

“Keep the vagina moist” method 17: Communicate more with your partner

Sometimes vaginal dryness is simply due to low libido or a problem with your sexual partner. If they don’t know your needs, there is no way to prescribe the right medicine. Communicate a lot and find out the reasons together to have a long and good sex life.

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“Keep the vagina moist” method 18: Change bath products

Some people are allergic to chemicals in soaps, body washes, hygiene products, and fragrances, which can be on underwear or towels, which can cause dryness or irritation, which often comes with it. Even some lubes can cause dryness if they don’t work for you, so try switching to natural bath products or other more natural lubes.

“Keep the vagina moist” method 19: Do not douche the vagina

The need for vaginal douching is zero. Douching instead changes the pH of the vagina, making it more susceptible to infection and reducing lubrication. If you need to flush, talk to your doctor first, because you don’t need it at all.

“Keep your vagina moist” method 20: Relax your mind and body

It’s really hard to be lubricated when people are stressed out and not focused on having sex. If you’re too distracted, your vagina won’t be opened and relaxed. So basically take a nap, grab some pizza, and relax with a movie.

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