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“Impotent man” makes you feel miserable? You must learn 8 self-help positions to stimulate GG to harden!

You have read countless people, have you ever met an impotent man? Claiming that he is usually a living dragon, but a little tired today, so he can’t do anything, or blame all the guilt on alcohol. No matter how much you try to push the tide, but the other party still can’t stand up… Now I’m going to tell you how to save yourself when GG doesn’t want to deal with people! (Disclaimer: If you have chronic impotence problems, you should still seek regular medical advice.)

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1. Explore other ways of having sex

Well-known sexologist Pamela Madsen once mentioned in a lecture: “If you can’t satisfy each other in regular sex, you can explore other ways of sex together.” Continuing this concept, if both parties are willing, Use alternatives such as fingers, electric vibrators, dildos, etc., to overcome your partner’s fear of sex.

2. Make good use of kisses and strokes

As the saying goes: “The fruit that is picked by force is not sweet~” It is better to give him a little time to get into the situation than to force the king to bow. Take the time to explore each other’s bodies and see what kind of kissing, touching, and arousing arousal. Don’t ignore the most important protagonist: GG, please touch it, love it, and appreciate it as you want to be expected, loved and admired.

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3. Play with sex toys

Even if the partner is in a weak physiological state, do you still want to have exciting sex? Then your wish can come true through sex toys ! Whether your other half is hard or soft, a hollow dildo can help, invest a little money in a good electric massage stick and let it take you to the sky~

4. Female top riding

Sit on your partner’s lap and lean back to avoid the shameful gaze while giving him room to rub his fingers against your sensitive clit. You can also rub his hard or soft cock with your wet private parts. If the other party wants to hold you tight, he can actively start the piston movement, and complete the round with a female top riding!

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5. Take a bath to relax and avoid stress

The thought of having sex tonight and not being able to harden only makes him nervous or anxious and makes it worse. You might as well tell him generously: We won’t have sex tonight! Invite him to bathe with you, rub his sensitive body with soapy hands, let him sit on the sofa after washing and relaxing, and let you both look at each other naked and feel each other’s erotic flow , thereby increasing intimacy.

6. Have sex in the morning instead

Men are affected by hormones in the morning and are usually more prone to erections, so they might as well have sex in the morning instead. Experiment with different positions to stimulate each other, like curling yourself into a ball or sideways are great options. In this way, not only can you avoid the embarrassment of the smell coming from your mouth, but you can also let the other party hold his penis tightly to give more stimulation.

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7. Try Pantera

If it’s really difficult to make love, try Pantera behind the scenes. Spreading his legs wider than ever, when the cock slackens, he has room to pull it out and stroke himself and get back on his feet. Directly use your fingers to serve you, and even rub your penis on your private parts to achieve a wonderful clitoral orgasm~

8. Powerful vibrating penis ring

Make good use of some small props, such as a penis ring with a strong vibration function, to give him a little stimulation that is different from the past, at least make the little clone continue to engorgement for more than 30 minutes. At this time, you can climb on top of him and shake it with the female upper position. If you feel that the vibration of the penis ring makes you unbearable, you can lower your body in time to slow down the vibration.


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