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The old driver taught 8 “Absolute Orgasm” love positions

Many women are not sure whether they have orgasmed, but the feeling of orgasm is different for everyone, so there is no set feeling to prove whether you have orgasm, but more women have never experienced the pleasure of orgasm. , is it possible that the man is too weak? It’s also possible that you haven’t found a suitable position yet , so this time I’m here to tell you that those positions are the easiest for you to “arrive”, so ask a man to try it out.

push down missionary position

Generally speaking, the missionary position is more difficult to orgasm. The main point is that because it is not deep enough, of course, it is difficult to get to that itch. Therefore, you can open your legs as much as possible, lift your butt up a little, and ask the man to focus on Put it in the bottom half-deep and push forward hard.

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Standing dog position

Do you already feel comfortable in the kneeling dog position? I can only tell you that you are so satisfied, try the squatting position, you can push your ass further back, so that the dragon can rub it to the G-spot of the water spray with just one tap.

wet dog position

If your muscles and bones are not soft enough, standing on the dog will make your feet cramp, then you can use kneeling, but the key point is that you can do it in the bath, let the man sprint your little pussy while showering, the whole The atmosphere will make your sex drive high, making it easier to orgasm.

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Reverse Cowgirl Pose

You have to remember that it is easier for women to orgasm in the first place, but if your technique is not good, without the help of a man, it will be more difficult to orgasm, so you can let the man sit first, and then you sit on the dragon, so that each other You can find the most pleasing way to push and insert each other.

Bathing position with the dragon

If you want to try this position, you must have a very spacious bathroom. It is recommended to have such a size in MOTEL. When a man stands in the bathtub, you can lie on your upper body by the bathtub, let the man hold your butt, and come directly. A collision in the water, the violent collision and the buoyancy of the water will definitely make you gasp.

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scissor leg position-Orgasm

This position can also allow the dragon to enter very deep, but this position is relatively large, and it will be more comfortable to perform on the bed. You lie on your side and open your legs to the maximum, let the man enter your body sideways, and hit the bottom straight. But this position will make the legs more sore.

rocking horse position

The man lies on his back and bends one foot up. After you let the dragon in first, put your weight on the bent foot sideways and start rocking back and forth. This position allows the man’s thighs to stimulate your stamens at the same time and accelerate orgasm ejection.

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Women’s upper body squat

In this position, the legs of girls will also be more sour, but because the female upper position is easier to orgasm, so many good postures can be performed, and the female upper squat is also because this position allows the dragon to enter your body deeper, allowing You can stimulate the G-spot by rubbing up and down, back and forth, completely under your control.


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