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8 advanced ways of love to make your bed sheets soaked

The secret of sex masters: “The continuous orgasm of the explosion of pleasure depends on…” 8 advanced ways of love to make your bed sheets soaked

Have you ever had an orgasm? According to a study by OMGYES Indiana University School of Public Health, about 47 percent of women claim to have had a continuous orgasm. If you want to increase the number of orgasms yourself, you can masturbate more. Learn more about your body through masturbation, like how to do it the easiest way to orgasm, because when you are with a partner, there are many things to think about, but when you are alone, you can focus completely on yourself , allowing the body to adjust to the sensation of having an orgasm over and over again.


Sexologist Maureen Pollack once said: The only way to make yourself orgasm more often is to practice, practice, practice. Another thing to keep in mind: The second orgasm is usually easier to achieve than the first.

After the first orgasm, wait a minute or two before starting stimulation. If you don’t have a continuous orgasm on the first try, don’t be too hard on yourself. The way that didn’t work the first time may change a little next time. , it will work!

  1. Sitting on his face during oral sex
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Sit on your partner’s face and let him give you oral sex, lean forward slightly and press your back down, adjust your hips to the best position, so that the partner can have a better view and you can have a more comfortable position, Focus more on the matter of orgasm.

  1. Stimulate the clitoris for homeopathic insertion
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Let your partner caress your clitoris full of love liquid at a very slow speed, then insert your hand into the private place and bend your fingers to stimulate the G-spot, and take advantage of your high sexual desire and fast orgasm, take advantage of the piston movement , you can reach the ultimate climax!

  1. Pad something to let him insert deeper

When playing the back pose, you can sit astride a cylindrical pillow or a rolled up towel, put your butt out of the edge of the pillow or towel, so that the other party can guide the flower more deeply, and at the same time use the clitoris to rub the pad on the body Items under, climax in double stimulation.

  1. Hand and mouth use is more stimulating

Oral sex is a good way to orgasm, because you don’t need to test the physical strength and endurance of the other party. You can sit on the edge of the bed, open your legs in a V shape, and let the other party kneel. Start with licking and sucking, and then oral sex at the same time. While inserting your fingers into the vagina, keep the hand mouth and use more stimulation.

  1. Hook up your feet for more entanglement
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Desire to orgasm in different ways, you can take the initiative to change the position, such as letting him kneel between your legs, and then put one leg over the other’s body on his thigh, entangle each other’s bodies, and then take advantage of the orgasm Then stimulate the clitoris with an electric massage stick.

  1. Suffocating missionary position


Put your legs between each other’s legs so you can stick together more closely, and move your body down in time to allow the other person to push deeper, and if he can hold it after the first orgasm, let him Put your legs on either side of his shoulders, stroking your privates as you thrust.

  1. Take a break after the climax before fighting
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Girls will become super sensitive after the first orgasm. When you feel that you can’t bear it, you can sit on your partner’s lap and let him gently support you with his hands. After the orgasm settles down a little, use Hands caressing your wet lower body, or directly fight for the second time!

  1. Start collecting sex toys
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There are sensitive nerves around the clitoris and in the vagina, waiting for you to develop it yourself. You might as well start collecting sex toys and get to know yourself before going to bed. Beginners can learn to use an electric massage stick to achieve clitoral orgasm, and then gently slide it into the vagina. Experience a variety of different vibrational frequencies.

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