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What skills are essential before sex

What skills are essential before sex

1. Depend on each other

Men may be able to think with their lower halves in the bedroom, but women can’t. Women must feel, love, to have an orgasm. So the first step for a man to do is to give her love and make her feel trusted and dependent.

2. Caress and Kiss

Kissing and caressing are important techniques in foreplay, and men love them, but if kissing and caressing isn’t intense enough, it can double the pleasure for women. In addition to the man can kiss point fall in the lips and tongue, earlobe, neck, back, chest and other commonly known sensitive belt, also do not ignore fingers and toes, armpit, thigh, elbow and knee joint inside the soft place and so on. While kissing, the hand should also keep pace, using a variety of “finger skills”, such as belly stroking, finger spinning, finger pressing, digging, in and out, all of the imaginable and unexplored areas of sensitivity. Hands and mouth, bring different happiness to women.

3. gentle attack

In the strong, powerful men, in the foreplay should also control their strength, with gentle victory. Especially at the beginning of the attack, it must be gentle. You can think of the female body as a kind of musical instrument. At the beginning of playing, please gently twist and knead it slowly and gently. Women need emotional and mental caress and teasing to arouse desire, so slow down and gently caress from the farthest limb to the most important part.
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4. Erotic fantasies

Women, like men, have their own sexual fantasies, and they can arouse their desire and bring them joy. If you don’t mind, please give her a good fantasy. For example, if she likes a male star, you can have her close her eyes when sleeping with her, imitate his voice, pretend to be the person she fantasizes about, and give her a different kind of foreplay.
Men should master these foreplay techniques to motivate women and make them enjoy sex more, which will make your relationship stronger.
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