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Proper Use of sex toys: How to use airplane cups correctly

Some people mistakenly believe that the use of sex products is just to satisfy masturbation, will hurt the feelings of partners and hurt their own body. In fact, there are many benefits to sex use. In the case of physical maturity without a sexual partner, or in the case of separation from a partner, the use of sex products is normal, relieve sexual hunger, release sexual tension, can provide sexual enjoyment, avoid unhealthy behavior, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Many people have some misunderstanding on sex toys, sex toys is mentality is not a healthy person, but to remind everybody sex toys are not necessarily mentality unhealthy people use, also can use normal, it is only for the purpose of more harmonious between husband and wife sex life, take a look at the use of sex toys.

One: adult things is to those slut, sexual desire is too strong and so not quite normal people use, under normal circumstances, the use of those things people are certainly not normal. It’s used by all sorts of people, including perfectly normal people, but you just don’t know it, sex experts say. Using adult products won’t make you sick, it will give you better orgasms, improve your sex life, and improve your relationship.

Two: only to satisfy the masturbator. Sex experts say: in most cases, adult products are used singly. But many couples also like to use adult products together. Just because you use it together doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. On the contrary, being willing to use it together is a sign that your relationship is more open, comfortable and trusting.

Three: if you decide to use adult things, will make your partner psychological pressure and guilt. Sex experts say: many people have such concerns that using adult products will hurt the feelings of their partners. This is understandable.

Think about it, every time you have an orgasm with a giant vibrator, anyone else will feel uncomfortable. Toys can give you an orgasm, but they can’t give you an orgasm, so they’re not a substitute for a partner. If your partner has this concern, talk to him slowly and carefully.

Four: use adult things will hurt the body. Sex experts say: Not true at all.

In fact, adult products can have positive effects on sexual health. For example, menopausal women can use adult products to maintain Yin D elasticity and avoid urinary incontinence and co-morbidity. Some doctors also recommend adult toys for women who can’t reach orgasm. Sexual health contributes to overall health, and the use of adult products can improve the sensitivity of the body’s organs, making the body more sensitive to some discomfort.

If couples use it together, it can increase their sexual interest and improve their sexual quality. Strong sexual desire, sexual partners can not meet the release of excess sexual energy to stabilize the relationship. Poor sexual function can be through the sex with stronger stimulation, affect the threshold value of sex, achieve orgasm, obtain sexual satisfaction. When sexual life fails to enjoy, can have the aid of sex to stimulate, assist, achieve sexual climax. Menopausal women can maintain vaginal elasticity by using sex products.

Face the sexual things of strange form on the market, the expert reminds, must choose those qualified, high grade product with high popularity, if have certificate of qualification, quality of a material softness, surface is bright and clean, clean should be cleaned after using, periodic disinfection in order to assure sanitation.

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